Xenons Inkjet Printing Solutions

Blanket carpet printing solutions
XENONS CD1080/2000 series high-speed direct printers can use special inks to print personalized patterns directly on blankets and carpets, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally frie...
T-shirt applications
Xenons DTF printer and sublimation printer can perfectly produce personalized printing, especially personalized pattern management on T-shirts and portable garments. The process is...
Sublimation cloth
XENONS Sublimation paper printer , application in many kinds polyester material cloth transfer . Sports cloth ,Quick-drying suit,swimsuit ,India Sali and so on .
Car Sticker
XENONS plotter , Car sticker make , design your car by yourself . Make Your Message Stick with Car and Bumper Stickers Print thousands of car and bumper stickers with XENONS DG p...
Light box
XENONS plotter realize small size and big size light box printing . Colorful, eye-catching, 3D effect .
Stationery and Toy printing Solutions
XENONS plotter , special design , apply in doll ,stationery ,toy making .Personality customization, Production .meet you needs .
XENONS R180 ,X180 , direct printing on PU and Leather . Apply in bag , shoes ,cloth all kinds PU and real leather printing .
Package is Women's face . Xenons UV printer realize all kinds of wooden , carton ,bottle package printing .
Art and Crafts
XENONS UV flatbed printer R2512 ,X7151 and UV roll to roll printer , 3D effect printing . Printing on canvas and other materials is ideal for artists who want to recreate original...
Home Decoration
Xenons UV flatbed printer R2512 and UV roll to roll printer help you realize house ,hotel , supermarket decorate
Sign Printing
Signs printing mark Print on the Sign material , Glass ,wooden ,KD board , metal sticker and so on ,
Indoor and outdoor advertising & Copy Shop
Xenons PRODUCTS FOR COPY SHOPS If you’re already printing letterheads, business cards, brochures and other on-demand services, why not also offer existing and new customers thei...
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