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The application of UV flatbed printer in advertising industry

UV flatbed printer becoming more and more popular because it has rich and varied effects, high precision, flexible batch, and no need of screening, eco-friendly and small footprint, able to make personalized printing at any time. The key point is that the printing has no limits.
Thanks to the construction of urban traffic, commercial buildings and the development of data technology, advertising has become a necessary industry now. Outdoor advertisement presents advantages such as high arrival rate, strong visual impact, long period, low cost per thousand, high urban coverage and enormous amount of single type of media, etc. It has become a public communication channel for brand competition. The third biggest media after television and internet. With the development of screen printing, water-based printing and inkjet printing device, UV flatbed printer has been widely used in advertising industry.
In recent years, the market share of internet advertisement keep growing, making the internet the main battle field for advertising marketing. Internet advertising has wide audience, fast spreading speed and low cost per thousand.

Advantages oUV flatbed printer in advertising industry:
1.UV flatbed printer are easy to be operated, saved a lot of manpower. The printed products are eco-friendly and water-proof, strong resistance for UV sunlight.
2.Personalized image design and customized printing on UV flatbed printer can fully display every unique originality.
3.Multiple application on most media type such as glass, acrylic, PVC and metal etc. Universal usage with mechanical production elevated the productivity.
We believe outdoor advertisement will keep stead growth with the future economic development of China. It will keep a positive development in the years ahead.
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