New style GUV Ink for UV printer

The GUV ink is new style inks,the output color is more light than standard uv inks,and tasteless.It has ultra-low viscosity while no volatie organic solvent or pungent odor. it is both of rigid and flexible printing stability.
1) Suitable for industrial printhead inkjet printer with LED lamp
2) lower heat emission,fast cure, wide color gamut
3) Elimination or mercury bulbs, environment protection
4) Good light fastness, long outdoor durability,superior adhesion,odorless,VOC free

1)Bright color printing, good matching the orginal color;
2) High compatibility , barly blocking the printer head
3) Long-term usage, 12 moth quality guarantee period.
4) Sample ordering is welcome , More cost-effective for large quantity.

1.High quality assurance,3 times QC testing before ex-factory
2.responsible and thoughtful after-sale service
3.100% guarantee and 1:1 replacement for defecktive goods
4.Competitive prices,for larger quantity prices are consultable
5.Fast delivery
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