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New upgrade USB3.0 Eco-Solvent printer Optical Fiber Data Transmits System Hi-Speed USB 3.0 Customized Print head Configuration for mirrored CMYK 1440dpi max. Resolution 1600/1800mm printing width with dual printheads
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Dual Print Head

With dual print head and a industrial design, the printer delivers quality prints.

VSDT Printing Technology

YILIJET’s original VSDT techn-ology delivers a ultra high quality prints with drop dots from 2.5pl to 27pl.

Fiber optic transition system

A 1.25G/s data processing capacity, more than enough any resolution image prints.

The fiber optic system also has an anti-interfrence ability, which can make sure the stability during high speed output. And Upgraded to USB 3.0 high speed interface offer a stable and faster prints .

Reduce Banding

Efficient feather/wave function help to reduce the printing banding.

Heating & Cooling system

Make sure a high speed and stable output, X2series printer was designed

with multi-heating and cooling System, All the temperature has its

individual controller, the infrared heating system was intelligent on and off

according to the printing status.

Preview of the printing job

The GUI support a preview for the printing task, including all the printing


Customized color sequence

Normally the color sequence was set in factory, while this printer support a customized adjustment for that.

Rigid New Industrial Design

A well design with selected precision and reliable parts.

Dual integrated motors for the motion

Large capacity bulk system

New 1 Liter bulk system save you more time and ensure continues printing.


   Product Model   X2S

Printing Technology

   Print head EPS PC1080
   No.of print head   2
   DropSize   2.5pl

Resolution & Software

   Resolution   2880dpi Max.
   Software   Standard (Maintop/photoprint) ; Other RIPs available as optional


   Production   34sqm/h
   Quality   22sqm/h
   Fine Art   16sqm/h


   Ink Type   Eco Solvent / Water Base/Dye Sublimation
   Ink Supply System   1.5L Large Bulk System with automatic supply system
   Colors   Standard CMYK; Others Configuration Optional
   Ink Curing System   Integrated Tri-Heating System, Extend infrared heating and cooling system


   Media width   Maximum 1622/1850mm
   Print Width   1600/1800mm in one roll
   Feeding & Taking-up System   Auto-Feeding system and take-up system

Dimensions & Weight

   Machine(L*W*H)   2708×960×1390mm
   Package(L*W*H)   2800×770×745mm

Operation Requirements

   Connectivity   Hi-Speed USB 3.0
   Power   Single Phase, 220VAC±10%, 50/60Hz; 600W(Machine),900W(Heater)
   Environmental   Temp. 15~30°C; RH 40~60%;


   Warranty   1 year warranty standard, More information please consult local dealer
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