Xenons Coltex CS3 3 heads Dye-Sublimation Printer

Hot Sale 3 EPSON heads Dye sublimation Printer
Printhead: EPSON i3200 * 3
Productivity: 120 sqm/h
Ink Set:         CMYK
Drop Volume: 2.5pl
Print Size: 1800mm
Resolution: 3200dpi
Ink:       Dye Sublimation, Water base.
Description Technical Specifications
Maximum output speed of 120sqm/h with fine details 
With its staggered 3 EPSON i3200 printhead, Xenons Coltex CS3 model can print out a high quality in one pass.
None worry media system
The CS3 Dye-Sublimation Printer has a new media feed system that supports printing on a range of thick to thin papers. The new media holder keeps everything evenly tensioned and properly aligned while a powerful vacuum holds the paper flat. The front feed adjuster keeps media taut on the take-up reel and the whole system prevents transfer paper from buckling or shifting. The Pinch rollers are individual tension up and down. Dancer roller with light-tension for stable take-up and easy-release
Auto ink supply system
Bulk ink supply system which can print continuously with fill ink during printing. The ink tanks equipped with an alarming device for advance notice
An Easy-to-use system
Equipped with automatic capping and cleaning system, minimize the need to call an engineer. 
Variable dots printing
Research has shown that the level of grayscale used in an image contribute considerably to its perceived quality, more so than pure dpi resolution. The larger dots enhanced a superior color, while the smallest dots providing gradation equivalent to a much higher resolution.
Efficient data algorithm reduce and correct banding
The special data algorithm enable the software analysis the data and reproduce the output method automatically minimizes ink drying
times on substrates, and stepping error compensation, eliminating color banding effects. Depending on substrates and design, the o-ptimal percentage of feathering can achieve 20~80% speed increases avoiding the speed reductions caused by adding additional fullpasses
Intelligent Job management
Print meters setting, printing record management, color mapping function and ink calculation functions make sure an efficient job management.
Print Head Epson i3200  
Acceptable Media Width 1800mm
  Weight 200KG
Roll outer diameter Maximum 210mm  
Core diameter 3 in (76.2mm)  
2 in (50.8mm)  
Media take-up system Auto-Feeding system and take-up system  
Printing width Maximum 1880mm  
Maximum Printing Speed 120 sq.m/hour  
Ink bottles Type Dye Sublimation/Water Base 
  Capacity 1.5Kg (± 100 ml)
  Colors 4 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black,)
  Configuration CMYK
Ink curing unit Integrated Tri-Heating System,Extend infrated heating and cooling system  
Printing resolutions Max 3200dpi   
Interface USB 3.0  / Lan port  
Power-saving feature Automatic sleep feature  
Power supply Voltage and frequency AC 220 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz
  Required power capacity Maximum 20A (Printer 10A, Heater 10A)
Power Consumption During operation Maximum 2500W
  Standby mode Approx. 200 W
Dimensions Machine(L*W*H): 3732*760*1612mm  
  Package(L*W*H):   3900*750*850mm(Printer)  
Weight (with stand) G.W:455KG   N.W:355KG  
Environment Power on Temperature: 68° to 90°F (20° to 32°C) (72°F [22°C] or more recommended) / Humidity: 35 to 80% (no conde nsation)
  Power off Temperature: 41° to 104°F (5° to 40°C) / Humidity: 20 to 80% (no condensation)
PrintLinks System Requirements    
Operating system Windows® 10 (64-bit)  
CPU Intel® Core™ 8, 4.0 GHz or faster recommended  
RAM 8 GB or more recommended  
Video card and monitor A resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 or more recommended  
Free hard-disk space 80 GB or more recommended  
Hard-disk file system NTFS format  
Optical drive DVD-ROM drive  
Other requirements Ethernet or USB port   
Internet connection and web browser to software Registration  
Please note: Considering that you will be using software such as Illustrator, we recommend that you use as high performance computer as possible to reduce RIP processing time.
We also recommend using a hard disk that has large enough capacity, as print files are often tens of GB in size (or larger) when data is high resolution.
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