X3220-3.2 * 2.1 m UV LED Flatbed Inkjet Printer (max support 12*industrial head)

The X3220 UV flatbed printer table size is 3.2*2.0  m, featuring its ability to print on media up to 100mm thick and on irregularly shaped media. White and varnish printing and 12*industrial head carrier can meet a wide variety of needs and requirements.
Description Specifications
1. Variable color configuration and easy upgrade.
Standard four color plus white, LC, LM, Varnish ink for option. Satisfy different customers for high speed, high resolution, special white and varnish application on different substrates.

2. A high added value of clear ink is the “eye-catching and high quality”.
Clear ink can be applied to only a part of the design or to the entire design to provide a high-value-added finish. In addition, simultaneous printing of clear and colored inks can add value while maintaining the same productivity obtained in color and white two-layer printing.
Partial glossy printing
Partial glossy printing can add eye-catching effects to high-quality designs. For example, the freshness of food can be expressed as shown in the picture. The use of clear ink alone can express the idea of superlative quality, as shown in the pictures below.

Glossy printing over the entire
Glossy printing by applying clear ink over an entire surface can convey feelings of high quality as shown in the picture. The entire glossy printing of an excellent design can be your strong advantage when producing indoor/outdoor signs that attract people's attention.

3. High-performance entry-level model
Point 1: Perfect size for installation and usage
The R2512 can be used to print 4'×8' panel boards* that are commonly used in the marketplace. It comes in a compact size for easy installation and provides excellent user-friendliness with high functionality.

Point 2: Environmentally friendly LED-UV curing unit

The LED-UV curing unit has an exceptionally long life with lower power consumption. With its low heat output, it can be used with print media susceptible to problems with thermal deformation or discoloration. Producing very low VOCs and very little odor, it is both environmentally friendly and user-friendly, working well in indoor applications such as restaurants. It also produces no potentially destructive ozone during the printing process, which dramatically lessens any potential load on the environment.

Point 3: Two-layer print function

Two-layer printing of separate white and full color layers can be done simultaneously. A coating of white ink can be applied evenly at high accuracy to really bring rich and vibrant colors to life on transparent print media.

Point 4: Direct-to-media printing onto thick media
Images can be printed out not only onto regular paper media, but also directly onto thick media. The unit prints on media up to 100 mm (3.93 in.) thick to support expansion into a wide variety of print business applications.

Point 5: Ink supply unit with white ink re-circulation system
XENONS UV flatbed printer offers eight major utilizing white ink applications. White ink re-circulation results in an effective elimination of ink starvation and protects print heads form clogging hazard.

Point 6: Suction valve and ink monitoring system
The vacuum can be turned ON/OFF quite easily and quickly from the control panel. It is on the left side of the printer enables the area to be controlled rather easily.
Ink monitoring during production the ink levels are monitored by the automatic ink refill system. The ink (re)filling system can be accessed easily, enabling a spotless refill of your ink containers. The tank containing it is equipped with a stirring mechanism to keep the ink properly mixed at all times.

4.High Quality Print
Smooth and beautiful color gradations are created by YILIJET's original head control technology: By producing dots in three different sizes, smooth high resolution graphics are created without a grainy appearance. It delivers state of art image quality with a variable drop dots from 5pl to 40pl.

5.Easy Operations
Layout pins for exact positioning
Users previously had to be extremely diligent in lining up the position of print media when placing it on the flatbed of the printer to ensure that the media is not tilted from the print surface and that the origin is centered correctly. This printer is now equipped with layout pins and a scale designed to help resolve these issues. The layout pins work to secure the print media in place to prevent it from shifting and the scale can be used to check the position of the print media before printer settings are made, allowing images to be printed without shifting.

Media jam sensor:
To prevent accidents, this printer is equipped with a media jam sensor. This sensor stops operating when safety for operators is threatened, such as when the manually inputted media thickness is wrong or when the displaced media interferes with the carriage. Once operations automatically halt, the carriage can be shifted to a safe position.

6. Eco-Friendliness
XENONS printers employ UV curable inks that produce very low VOCs* and no ozone. The inks also generate very little odor, making them easy on the user and environmentally friendly, without requiring separate ventilation equipment.

Model X3220
Print head Ricoh Gen5, GEN6 , KM1024I 
Acceptable media Dimensions (W*D) 3200*2000mm 
Height Max. 100mm (3.9)
Weight Less than 50kg/m2 (110.2 lb/ft2), non concentrated load
Maximum diagram dimensions (W*D) 3200*2100mm  
Maximum printing speed 40sqm/hr. In CMYK/CMYKLCLM mode
Ink bottles Type LED-UV Curable inks
Capacity 5000ml (±100ml)
Colors 8 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Magenta, Light Cyan, White and Varnish)
Configuration CMYK, CMYK+LcLm, CMYK+White, CMYKLcLm+White, CMYK+White+Varnish,  CMYKLcLm+White+Varnish
Ink curing unit Dual UV LED Lamps, Fan cooling
Printing resolutions Max. 3600DPI
Interface USB3.0
Power-saving feature Automatic sleep feature
Power supply Voltage and frequency AC220V±10%, 50/60 Hz
Required power capacity Max. 20A
Power consumption During operation Max. 8500W
Standby mode Approx. 200 W
Dimensions (with stand)  for one 20feet container
Weight (with stand) 2000kg
Environment Power on Temperature: 20℃-28℃.                  Humidity:40%-60% RH
  Power off  
Xenons Printmon System Requirements
Operation system Windows®10 (32/64-bit)
Windows®8.1 (32/64-bit)
Windows®7 Professional/Ultimate (32/64-bit)
CPU Intel®CoreTM2DUO, 2.0 GHz or faster recommended
RAM 2 GB or more recommended
Video card and monitor A resolution of 1,280*1,024 or more recommended
Free hard-disk space 40 GB or more recommended
Hard-disk file system NTFS format
Optical drive DVD-ROM drive
Other requirements Ethernet or USB port
Internet connection and web browser to XENONS Registration
Please note: Considering that you will be using software such as Illustrator, we recommend that you use as high performance computer as possible to reduce RIP processing time. 
We also recommend using a hard disk that has large enough capacity, as print files are often tens of GB in size (or larger) when data is high resolution.

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